Creating bespoke, purposeful play spaces that inspire meaningful play and learning combined.

Renovating play spaces in homes, play centres and nursery schools.



Edu-play offer play space transformations to meet the needs of each child, using natural and non toxic resources that promote open ended play. 
We create bespoke, custom designed learning spaces constructed by understanding the individual child’s needs, interests and learning goals.
The team at Edu-play are qualified early years practitioners. By linking their valuable experience and knowledge, the practitioners put forward their expertise to coordinate play spaces that stimulate play and learning combined. 
We approach each play setting with a unique vision blended by age, interests, learning goals and tailored resources; making learning meaningful and stimulating!





As research towards early years learning has evolved, society’s attitude towards learning through play has modernized. As passionate early years teachers we value the countless benefits of learning through play in childhood. 
Meeting the needs of the child is the embodiment of our practice. To fulfill this belief, we like to meet, observe and discuss each child’s character and preferences before we renovate their learning space. 
By understanding the child, we can create settings that ensure the play space is purposeful, inviting and most of all, fun!
We recognize that children thrive in beautiful, calm environments. To achieve this we aim to use soft, natural colors, limit over stimulation and encourage toy rotation. We value the use of open ended toys and raw materials as a source of limitless opportunities within play. 
Edu-play believes that a child flourishes when they feel heard, respected and inspired. Our aim will always be to support and inspire our future learners by motivating them to be curious, creative and to take charge of their learning!


With over 11 years of early years experience, the team at edu-play pride themselves on their ability to establish long term learning experiences for little minds.
The understanding of early years education is forever evolving, adapting and thriving. Our practitioners are qualified and committed to the ongoing journey early years education requires. 
The team at Edu-play have collected valuable experiences during their teaching journey in the UAE. Edu-play appreciate that meeting the needs of the whole child is to embrace and respect all cultures, languages and family dynamics. 
Let us create a setting that builds your child’s skills and helps them become a confident, imaginative and curious little learner!


Let us cater to your childs needs

All of our play spaces are custom and reflect different costing depending on your needs and existing resources.


We'll help guide you

Toy organizing and revival of setting to 

encourage independent and purposeful play. 

Remodel existing resources and furniture. 


 * How to get the best out of the new space 

 * Toy rotation benefits 

(to qualify for this package your learning space 

must meet a minimal criteria)

Beautiful Minimalist Montessori Playroom


You're halfway there!

Utilize some existing toys and furniture whilst 

introducing new resources beneficial to

 independent play and learning opportunities.


 * ‘Getting to know’ discussions that influence our planning to ensure we meet the individual interests, needs and learning goals of child.

 *  Detailed description and demonstration on play space layout, purpose and learning opportunities. 

 *  Toy rotation benefits 

 *  Understanding learning through play

    and encouraging independent, creative learners’ training session 


Hello new play space!

Complete revamp of play space. Inclusive of new play resources and purposeful children furniture. 


 * ‘Getting to know’ discussions that influence our planning to ensure we meet the individual interest, needs and learning goals of child. 

 * Detailed description and demonstration on play space layout, purpose and learning opportunities. 

  * Toy rotation benefits 

 * Understanding learning through play and encouraging independent, creative learners’ training session 

 * One on one training for in-house help to understand the role, approach and objective of supervised play and how to achieve further development in the child. 

 *  6 Week revisit to ensure space is effective 

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